Black Granite is a variety of basic rock, geologically known as dolerites. It takes very high polish, displaying uniform grain size and equigranular texture. The rock can be cut into thin slabs.

Uses: Monuments, Memorials, Wall facings, Tiles, Kitchen Tops, base for heavy machineries


Grey Migmatite Granite is an acidic rock with gneissic fabric popularly called as 'Paradiso'. The colour of the rock depends upon the colour of the constituent feldspar. It takes very high polish. The other colour granites includes Granite gneiss, Leptynite, Syenite and Charnokite.

Uses: Wall facings and decorative building materials

  • TAMIN fixes the selling prices and buyers for the sale of dimensional granite block quarried for each quarry material by global tender system once in a year. The short tender will be called for if any new quarry leases obtain in that year.
  • The prices fixed in the above tender are valid for one year from the date of acceptance.
  • The tender buyer should execute sale agreement and remit required deposit amount and bank guarantee as per the tender condition.
  • The foreign tender buyer should open irrevocable letter of credit for the full contract value of quantity assured for purchase as per the tender offer.
  • The Indian tender buyer should remit the cost of approved blocks with in a week time from the date of approval.
  • The existing buyers, new tenderers and others who are interested to purchase the material at the selling prices fixed in the tender will be considered for supply on adhoc basis subject to approval of committed quantity by the tender buyer.
  • The parties who are interested to purchase the leftover blocks by tender / other buyer will be considered for sale on spot order basis after obtaining advance of Rs.25000/-. If more than a buyer request received, priority will be maintained.
  • The buyer should remit the cost of approval blocks within a week time from the date of approval. If any failure to lift blocks approved the advance amount in the credit of the party will be forfeited.